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If those tweets actually appeared in text somewhere on Hacker News, they are foolish regardless of the context they were taken from. Dropping down to node.js to get close to the metal? Come on!

Love it.

Dropping down to node.js to get close to the metal?

It's actually not that strange of a remark, depending on context.

http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2710383 seems to be the source.

IMO it is still pretty strange. I would feel a lot more comfortable if he said "close to the wire" (as in little abstraction above the basic TCP/HTTP layer).

with what definition of metal again?

Why, V8 of course.

that's still an "unusual" (to say the least) definition.

Hopefully sarcastic.

Now I'm confused. Is it made up tweets? because I recognized two or three of them from threads I've read

Yeah, they are real tweets. Except that some of them are from the articles themselves, not the comments. Like this one "services like github and sourceforge are just fads, with very little (I think no) added value."

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