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I get that, and I do usually enjoy the heavily sarcastic approach sites like this take to make their point ... it just seems to me that "wtf [organisation]" is something more akin to how i'd emphasise how unbelievably ridiculous, say, oil companies are for yet another spill/cover-up/buyout etc

In this situation, the intention is really to celebrate the fact that NASA makes awesome stuff and the whole WTF comedy angle seems a bit awkward to me :)

[EDIT] I just realised out exactly why it seems awkward to me ... http://whatthefuckhasobamadonesofar.com/ works because it's sarcastically about what he's done, whereas "wtf NASA" is aimed directly at NASA and comes across as angry. The URL needs to be something like "wtfhasnasaeverdonefortheworld.com" (like the page heading) for the joke to really work I think

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