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I HATE the auth switch. Entering username and password is very irritating.

For people that have never setup SSH, HTTPS auth is very simple. The latest Git supports credential cachers so you don't have to type the password in each time. I also personally love that the same GitHub URL works in the browser and through the Git CLI.

If you click the "SSH" button on GitHub repositories, it'll remember your preference.

It never remembers, for me.

And thanks, now I know why only some repos ask for username/password.

It remembers for me, but their pull request emails always send the https link, which is annoying as shit. I emailed them about it, and their response was that they are trying to get everyone to use https, so no, they won't switch it or make it smarter.

Argh. I like my SSH credentials, my GitHub password is not quite so secure.

I complained about this too, but for their new repo screen.

It's a fairly recent addition to git (January 2012). You need at least version 1.7.9 to use credential caching. [1]

[1]: http://git-blame.blogspot.com/2012/01/git-179.html

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