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So, in 2008, you made a comment (below, emphasis mine) about reader macros (yes, which I realize are not identical to macros; please understand that I use a couple reader macros in my day-to-day coding process and am not naive as to their implementation or function) that, at least to me, pretty strongly supports the narrative that Steve is painting: that the goal I somehow "have fewer features that people are less likely to use wrong as otherwise it gets confusing".

> I am unconvinced that reader macros are needed in Clojure at this time. They greatly reduce the readability of code that uses them (by people who otherwise know Clojure), encourage incompatible custom mini-languages and dialects (vs namespace-partitioned macros), and complicate loading and evaluation.


FWIW, this is the same argument that comes up often, from many different members of the community. The namespacing argument is commonly included and sounds technical, but is also trivially solvable; as in, was already solved in a comment during the primary-cited discussion of reader macros on the #clojure IRC channel, but was then dismissed due to the real reason: that reader macros make your code less understandable to other people who know Clojure (the exact same form of argument Steve is talking about, one layer removed).

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