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I think probably the most important thing to understand about this essay is that "conservative" on Mr. Yegge's spectrum does not correspond to "neophobic", and "liberal" does not correspond to "neophilic."

People who like try different languages are likely to find both Ruby and Haskell interesting -- because they are. And both are interestingly different from the sort of mainstream traditionalist programming embodied by Java, C++, and Pascal.

But if you were doing a new project start on an important project, the gap between the reasons that would lead you to build it using hardcore Ruby metaprogramming with hefty dollops of dynamic dispatch and the reasons that would lead you to build it in Haskell with carefully defined type systems, monadic programming, and purely functional implementation that would allow you to reason more easily about what's going on -- that gap is vast. Which one appeals to you more given a real world problem to solve where the solution matters to you -- that says a lot about you.

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