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This is a tough platform sell because you have to tell people to install some other app to run/participate in your app. I've been through this, and it's tough to get other people to be your distribution channel. I created somewhat similar functionality into Notifo to do mobile surveys (but never launched it publicly). This looks like a much more fully-featured and flexible version of that idea, it will just be a tough concept for people that this lives inside another wrapper app.

EDIT: unless i'm misunderstanding completely, and you guys (tasty labs) will be driving the installs so as to create a mobile mechanical turk force... in which case, this could be communicated better in the copy. Now I'm just confused.

It's a mix. We might do white-box installs (ie, add a library to push tasks to your already installed application.)

We're trying to make the the environment ridiculously easy to use. There are lots of organizations with large audiences but limited tech skills that can take advantage of something like this.

I hope you check out the API - I'd been meaning to reach out to you at some point.

Cool, I'll check it out. Happy to talk about it anytime... email/gchat/coffee/whatever

uh oh, i didn't write down my developer creds when I created them and can't find a way to see them again... help?

just create another account for now.

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