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Can the micro-apps only run on the human.io app through your UI? If so, is the benefit you guys provide the fact that you aggregate captive audiences of mobile users and allow companies/developers to filter that audience by things like interest/location/phone ability?

Monetization isn't mentioned anywhere for now, but presumably eventually users will earn $ for each task they accomplish, and human.io is the platform that allows companies and individual workers to transact?

Looks cool! Just trying to get a few ideas clarified.

Edit: Would it be accurate to think of you guys as a mobile Mechanical Turk? A marketplace for lightweight, mobile-based tasks?

That's correct.

We don't really want to be Turk per se - micropayments for microtasks is neat, but we're aiming for something wider. The activites are much broader (not just do work, but look up relevant information, or whatever) and the motivation similarly broad: eaderboards, or affinity to an organization, or money, or whatever, there are dozens of reasons that people do things. I don't want to just pick one of those and only allow a limited set of motivations.

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