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Also I would love feedback about what part of this is confusing. We are still struggling with how to explain this crisply...

For starters, micro-app might be what you're preferring to call it, but as a reader (even with a tech background), I couldnt understand what it meant. I think you should put the use cases way up top on the page -- and probably provide one elaborate use case to help the reader better understand. Plus, i think the description needs to be completely reworded: 'Engage with your fans and users by creating micro-apps that allow you to interact in a much richer way than tweets, ads, or email' gives me no insight into what it does and how.

Yeah. We're struggling to describe it. We've got a bunch of different lines that come close.

"micro-app" is a (probably poor) compromise. It sortof hints what they might do better than Activities or whatever...

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