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Dear Jordyn of 140stitches.com.

Thank you for your fashion advice! I'm one of the guys that organized the Perl 6 hackathon you so gracefully commented. I can inform you that we had absolutely no dress code requirements for this event, so your unsolicited advice is quite appreciated.

Obviously, failing to consider fashion issues when attending a Perl 6 hackathon was a mistake. We had no idea that more girls would show up to this hackathon - if we only had worn our best garments! I'm sure we'd all have Perl 6-hacking supergenius awesomely beautiful girlfriends had it not been for this single omission in our program.

You see, we've found out through several years of field testing, focus group sessions, long-form questionnaires and cross-section polls, that being "fashionable" has absolutely no effect on a practitioner's ability to write good software. If we only had known better!

We know now that we were mistaken. Thank you for enlightening us!

This is why I'd like to formally invite you to attend our next Perl 6 hackathon. I think it's reasonable that you get an opportunity to bring your expertise and garments to this venue, and show us all that your well-honed fashion sense can help us reach our (admittedly secondary) goal of bringing more girls to the Perl 6 community.

Thank you for your constructive critique, I'm looking forward to see your work at our next hackathon!

Kind regards,

- sjn (hackathon organizer)

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