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Very cool ! Can't wait to test it ! Why exactly no C++ support ?

It would be hard in the presence of parametric polymorphism (multiple functions having the same name but different numbers and types of parameters), as well as the difference between C++'s and Python's method resolution semantics (in Python, for instance, everything is virtual).

Also, templates.

Also, a bunch of other things.

That's not parametric polymorphism, that's function overloading. The former makes it possible to use the same function implementation on different types, whereas the latter is about using the same name for different functions.

Thanks for the reply. I just spent the last 3-4 days hacking around osgswig, having a good (and simple) binding solution for C++ / python is still an open problem ...

And obj-c? Also hard?

You'd have to shoehorn the obj-c runtime in there somehow. Almost definitely not worth the effort. What would you want to run in this way?

While the mapping between C and LLVM IR is rather straightforward, things are more complex with C++. C++ constructs get dismantled to be compiled to IR, and the binding generator would have to restore all the C++-ish information from metadata and type info, which isn't easy.

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