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And oh the fun that the ethics questions will become if this takes root and if the brains somehow show a level of consciousness in the future.

It's already aware of its surroundings, and can respond to its environment.

sentience then

An instance of Nginx can also respond to its environment, but I wouldn't call it sentient.

precisely. So, then replace 'consciousness' with 'sentience' in my original proposition. I am not saying response to an environment is sentience; but, when using living brain tissue, there may be a chance that these computers will eventually display sentience.

I saw this documentary yesterday (which had a VERY interesting sequence about those rat neurons flying planes, interviewing one of their "fathers" ^^). It is about the future, AI and transhumanism, called TechnoCalyps, which despite the title is actually rather good. It's on youtube, too.. so if you have 3 hours to spare.. it is sure to make you think about a whole range of subjects.

IMHO these things cannot be considered in isolation. We as society should really start talking about our progress and where we want to go, instead of a few people being into it, the rest feeling threatened. We can do better, and we surely have to the tools for it.

Very awesome. I'll look into watching this later! Thanks for the headsup :D

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