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So, am I to understand that these "artists" and "publishers", who seem to not know much about their own terms of business, are the type of people that Kim Dotcom was raided like a major terror suspect on behalf of?

If so, something is insanely wrong here. Very wrong. Sounds very much like this was a very legit business taken down by pure paranoid ignorance.

LendInk was taken down by an ignorant mob of authors (some of the participants have since apologized). The MAFIAA is a calculating, organized group of distributors. I don't think it's the same thing. Either way it's pretty clear that the law, copyright holders' expectations, and users' expectations are nowhere near lining up.

Of course its not exactly the same thing. I was looking at it in a global context. And globally people refer to it as "piracy". I think there has to be parity across the board. If not, every one ends up looking silly. In mass media terms, these subtilties are not noticed, it all gets wrapped up as the same thing. In some ways it weakens the anti piracy arguments when yet again they, as a mass, get it so badly wrong. See where I'm coming from? People will point to this case and say, "see, these idiots are acting irrationally". Tar, brush and all that.

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