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Given the optional lexical scoping of Emacs 24 (which elnode seems to use), I wonder what would be required to port something like this to a full-fledged CL system. Given some emulation of Emacs underpinnings, you could develop completely within Emacs and use that for smaller/local applications, but if you ever require more power, move it to e.g. SBCL and deploy...

Let's see how we get on with just emacs? Elnode can communicate (asynchronously) with lots of other Elnode nodes... the Elnode RLE module (https://github.com/nicferrier/elnode/blob/master/elnode-rle....) provides code to spin up those nodes and offload processing to them.

I think you could scale with just Emacs.

Well, I think before I'd expand to a big multi-core cluster, I'd look into my options ;)

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