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Er, why am "I" expect to muck around like that to simply protect my privacy, which was more private in the first place?

Here's an idea, privacy first, ooooh anit we cool coders second. Privacy very much has to be the default, not google's cleverness or revenue stream.

All I can say is thank the non existent one that I don't use gmail for anything even vaguely important.

"protect my privacy" is a really poor way to position this argument, if only for the many times we need to take companies to task for actually violating people's privacy. This is showing something on screen that you'd rather only have shown in a different tab.

The only reason you don't have the same reaction to the location bar in your browser showing browser history is that you're used to it.

If you don't want email results to show up on your search page, just don't turn it on.

or just use DDG

Privacy-first would be logging out of sites when you're finished, or having the default state of your browser to be un-authenticated (just use private modes everywhere). If you don't do either of those, then you are clearly not using the options (easily) available to you to be private-first.

If that is true, why would you expect every site to assume you want privacy, when you chose to have customization by being logged in?

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