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Rolling things up into a single response here:

    1.  Emacs Lisp is a real Lisp.  Full stop.
    2.  That said, Emacs Lisp is based on MacLisp (no
        relationship to Macintosh), which has dynamic scoping,
        not lexical scoping, and which is not a member of the
        Common Lisp family.
    3.  And *that* said, Emacs Lisp has long had a "cl" 
        package that adds many Common Lisp niceties, and, 
        since 24, has had optional lexical scoping, bringing a 
        more Common-Lisp-like experience to all aspects of
    4.  And all of *that* said, this particular package I 
        regard as a convenience, not a way to write a website.  
        There are many tools a devoted Emacser uses (org mode 
        and Planner mode, to name the two big ones) that want 
        to vend web pages, and this would be a great tool for 
        them, but I'd hardly recommend using elisp for a 
        "real" website.
It's completely worth learning elisp, and I think discounting this because it's "not written in a real Lisp" is bizarre, but you'd be right to look more towards Clojure or SBCL/Clozure (depending) to write a "real" Lisp website. That's just not what this is aimed at--and where it is aimed, I think it can be enormously successful.

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