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It's omnipotence without omniscience, though. Any reasonably complex program will grow beyond the programmer's ability to keep it all in his head at once.

Can I quote you on that as "Computer programming is omnipotence without omniscience"?

Sure, go hog wild.

Ah, but if you run it slowly enough (step through it, for instance), you get the same thing in effect; anything you want to know you can find out before anything changes.

You can easily lose the big picture by stepping through each line of code, especially if your program is heavily iterative or even mildly threaded. You can miss the forest for the trees or the trees for the forest; the middle ground is elusive at best.

Yup - you can't find a race condition by stepping through your code.

Assuming a REPL, and methods of introspection that do not otherwise change state of the system!

You don't need a REPL to step through a program.

You're absolutely right. Sorry, I had repressed those memories ;)

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