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Stripe coming to Canada (stripe.com)
1 point by mikerosoftx on Aug 8, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

Can't wait till they come to Europe. We need this so much it's unbelievable. Payment over here absolutely sucks.

Where does it say that?

Does not actually say it there. I just thought others who may have signed up from Canada may like a heads up. Here is the [slightly redacted] email from stripe:


We're getting in touch because you asked to be notified when Stripe was ready for users in Canada. Good news: that time is near, and we're incredibly excited to invite you to our limited beta.

Get started here: https://stripe.com/welcome/XXXXXXXXXX

As of today, you can accept Visa and MasterCard transactions, and you can choose to accept payments denominated either in Canadian dollars or U.S. dollars. (If you need to accept both currencies, you'll need to create two accounts.) We'll be adding support for American Express soon. Other than that, all our docs and features apply, so jump in at https://stripe.com/docs.

We'd be very grateful for your feedback, either on your experience with Stripe as a whole or on Canada-specific details, however minor (like wording that seems off or anything else). We'd obviously especially like to hear about any glitches so we can fix them as soon as possible.

Thanks again for your patience. Let us know if we can help with anything at all as you're getting started with Stripe.

[STRIPE Employee Name Here]

Would love it if you can send me the email you got it from, we desperately need a payment processor...

-From TO

This is the best news I've heard all week! Thanks Stripe!

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