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I actually do use Firefox, but don't forget that it basically was a skunworks alternative to the feature creep that was the Netscape suite. And then there's Grendel. Not that Google doesn't have the same issues on a bigger scale, so even though both Rust and Go have some backing, it doesn't mean that both can't be canceled straightaway.

There actually might be more renewed interest in C++ (in its current C++11 reincarnation) than actually new interest in Go/Rust. (Chances of someone reviving Modula-3 or creating a killer framework for Ada will remain low)

Yeah, there are a lot of positive opinions building around C++11. But, my personal opinion is that, to be in a long run, c++ has to change very fast again!(I mean, the design patterns, to match up with new hardware and expectations). This is not the case with rust or go!!!

Well, as opposed to things like Prolog or the more esoteric functional languages, those three language aren't too different regarding their basic mindset and ties to machine architecture. Never mind that I don't believe that we're in for a massive change, anyhow (and all three can cope with multi-core in about the same way).

Sure, you don't have the legacy libraries and architectural styles of C++ in Rust/Go, but that's a pretty moot point if we're talking about new projects. Go wild with generics, lambdas, concurrency, type inference etc..

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