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Logged in just to comment here. Whoever's behind 140---STOP. Your copy SUCKS. Your alpha-ness or cool girl-ness or whatever wannabe intimidation factor oozes off the page, and you know what? Fuck you. Being "cool" wins you no points here. And here matters, at least to you, because you've apparently chosen it as your target market.

You want to know how to win friends and influence people here? Take a page from the book of OKCupid pre-acquisition. OKTrends was amazing. That stuff is crack to your target market. Look at the data. Figure out the principles behind the stuff. Figure out the Laws of Fashion. If there aren't any, and it's completely...well...fashion-driven, then drop down to the data again, and cut your advice to, "shirt x has been selling 30% more than comparably-priced shirts, and female focus groups rated it significantly more attractive than the rest of its cohort."

Without data, you're just a fashion blogger who thinks they're among easy pickings.

My target market is any guy who wants some advice when it comes to fashion. There will be some guys on HN who do want advice, and apparently some that don't. I understand that and I'm okay with it. I would agree that OKTrends is an amazing site. However, it's not what I'm going for. I'll let them handle the data. I'll stick with what I know.

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