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Intern from Teselagen here. <shameless plug> We have a private Beta that you can sign up for on our website if editing your own DNA sequences is appealing to you: http://www.teselagen.com/user/registration </shameless plug>

It's pretty cool to see Synthetic Biology getting coverage on HN. One of the really interesting ideas that scientists are starting to grab a hold of is that of "biological parts". People have started compiling these biological circuit elements and figuring out how they work when exposed to different stimuli [1]. The ultimate aim is to standardize the usage of these parts so that you could design an organism in your browser, figure out whether it will work or not (based on a super-secret algorithm), and get the resulting functional organism shipped to your lab bench in a couple of days. As a reference, right now it can take up to 2 months to even create an initial DNA product with traditional methods. From there, it could take months to get your organism working correctly. New DNA synthesis techniques will dramatically speed up some of the initial steps (something Teselagen has done).

An addition to the article I'd make is that Teselagen is actually letting people leverage new DNA synthesis techniques produced by a couple of groups (the Venter institute is one) to design better biological circuits (as in faster, better, stronger). If you are interested in reading about how scientists have begun to overcome some of the many barriers to biological circuit design, there's a good intro to advances in DNA synthesis techniques here: http://j5.jbei.org/j5manual/pages/1.html

[1] partsregistry.org

Co-founder at TeselaGen here. Excited to see more discussion about Synthetic Biology in HN since we are all hackers. I'm also happy to see an excited intern spontaneously talking about our company :) Feel free to register, however expect some delay (hopefully not too long) before you get an invitation to test our new UI. Also, here is a cool video that you guys might like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xArETjua30

We haven't talked too much about what we are doing but if you are one of us, who share the vision of moving Synthetic Biology to the cloud, and are excited about the development of cool technologies to automate the designing, building and testing of novel strains, contact us. We are developing a lot of software and will begin with software/hardware/wetware integration soon.

I've been waiting for an account for a couple months with you guys now... how long until you start taking more people?

My apologies frisco. I'm co-founder at TeselaGen. We've been running like crazy, currently engaging with some of the largest biotech companies in the world. We would love to have you as a user and get your input as well. We've been holding invitations until we release our upcoming new version, later this summer. We'll be contacting you soon!

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