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The most part of synthetic biology is a brick and mortar science which will need wet lab bench and fiddling fingers to do the development of the prototypes to test the hypothesis. So Synthetic Biology in its entirety is not going to cloud.

Synthetic biology involves several steps or components such as designing a gene,synthesizing it, cloning it into appropriate vector and then expressing it. Then studying the expressed gene product in the presence of multitude of other gene products in an unknown environment poses it's unique challenges. However several components of Synthetic biology can be moved to cloud. Take an example of designing a gene of interest. It can be done taking a vast amount of data/information of several similar genes from clouds and analyzing and then optimally designing the gene of interest.

The second example is testing the effect of the gene or its product in silico ( on a Lab-on-a-chip) before going to test it in real animal models thus saving costs and time. So in-silico simulated lab animal software models comprising of complex metabolic pathways can be stored in cloud for analysis from several researcher groups or any groups across world. And this is just the surface I am trying to scratch.....

The wetlab component of synthetic biology seems unnecessary when a lot of that work can be automated, which is where this idea of a cloud for biology has merit. Of course if you can do accurate simulations as you describe, that would be the best route.

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