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Ask HN: What are you working on (elevator pitch)?
25 points by austenallred on Aug 6, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 31 comments
Concisely describe what you are building. 2-3 sentences max.

100G FPGA based router/switch/web server. Directly coupled storage and memory. High end server and networking hardware looks like 14.4k modems when compared. JVM that can perform GC concurrently and all sorts of neat stuff.

What kinds of things to you foresee running on such a beast?

Not sure how practical it's going to be? The first major milestone will be a hardware accelerated JVM. 2 years out maybe? I have a template system that directly manipulates the HTML in the outgoing buffer. It displays the server time and the amount of times the server time has been sent out.

A text editor made for web front end coding, with a Firebug-like UI for tweaking css, html, and JavaScript in real-time.


A nonparametric model for anomaly detection, classification, and prediction in timeseries. It observes the trajectory of some measurement over time and compares it to tons of historical trajectories to see if it looks like anything that has happened before. Based on what it looks like, you can predict where it will go next, classify it (if the historical trajectories are labeled), or detect anomalies (if it doesn't look sufficiently like anything seen so far).

Cloud done right. Hardware that is approximately indistinguishable from tin sitting on your datacenter floor, pay by the second.

To elaborate slightly. I mean hardware that you can run anything on, complete with full BMC, fast persistent disk storage (1K IOPS+), and any number of full layer 2 cross connectable networks. All pay by the second.

Already a major company in Australia with enterprise and government clients. Coming to the US soon.

Successfully funded Kickstarter & Indiegogo projects, all in one place. http://outgrow.me/

Currently working on an office timesheet application that's going to make staff 'clocking in' a lot more productive and regimented. Previously built a couple of applications to help improve productivity in motorsport and automotive engineering.


Octopart for the "Remote Controlled Hobby" vertical (think quadrocopters, helicopters, planes, etc)

EatLoCo is TaskRabbit meets Foodgawker and aims to provide the trifecta for the college campus - cheap, healthy, ethnic food. Fighting bad eating habits of students everywhere, while strengthening the local community, EatLoCo nourishes everybody one dish at a time.

Edit Room is the fastest way to build production-ready design prototypes for the web, that are responsive, flexible, made from real HTML and CSS, use real web fonts, can be animated, and more.


We turn print-media (and online, and broadcast) articles in to detailed data, allowing them to stalk journalists and check their PR team are doing a good job: http://www.investor-dynamics.com/

Movie Presto is IMDb meets Kayak. The goal is to create a movie browsing/purchasing/renting experience that is as close to painless as possible in today's environment. http://www.moviepresto.com


is a full text processing system for rss with an integrated API, it turns rss titles into full text rss articles and generates rss feeds for static sites on the fly to monitor webpages

Earthquakes Monitor provides notifications via phone for earthquake events that have occured near your location using USGS data http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5hg7Oxh-jI

Maybe it could detect earthquakes too by noticing bulk motions of the phone base?

A site crawler that collects meta, title, and open graph tags from pages on a site. Primarily targeted towards sites that don't have an inbuilt capability to report on this data (particularly legacy, non-CMS powered sites).

http://twitcherhq.com is affordable social media analytics and monitoring to help small businesses and startups measure their social media success.

Test Screener lets filmmakers connect with their audiences. Filmmakers can test screen films with their target audiences and get feedback.


Will this let me see the faces of users watching my film? If I can't see the face then I don't want it. Whenever I screen my films I like to see the face of the person who is watching it. In fact I setup a camera pointing at my audience so I can watch the faces later. I like to see the reaction of someone's face to my movie. It's very important feedback since the face doesn't lie.

http://searchrank.is/ monitors search keyword rankings of iOS apps on the iTunes store and tries to predict keywords of compeditor apps.

http://www.socialeyez.co Meeting organizer meets maps. Invite friends, choose a location, track each other till the meeting starts.

trendMD is a search and trending engine to help medical practitioners to find personalized, high-impact research articles.


http://cansend.com Automatically post the most popular pages on your website to your subscribers on Facebook, Twitter and email.

A smartphone sized device that acts as a configurable PBX / IVR and lets employees use the Internet and make and receive calls from smartphones over wifi.

I'm actually developing weeZeel, a Social Web OS, or if you prefer a Social Remote Desktop


http://www.SupportFu.com is a simple & intuitive help desk for small businesses

I'm working on Trejdify - like HN but business news only http://www.trejdify.com/

I am building an Android app for Mayan EDMS. Mayan was recently featured in HN, and it is awesome. Check it out.

Auth2 provides 2 factor authentication service that secures websites, servers and corporate networks (VPN).

GrassWire aggregates and sorts first-hand accounts, photos and videos of world events.

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