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Why rely on memory when the truth is two Wikipedia searches away? PS2 graphics chip comes nowhere close to any modern GPU. GPUs have progressed a great deal in the last 12 years.

Also, rating GPUs based on their pixel fill rate stopped making sense around a decade ago.

I think it was the eDRAM that made difference, allowing lots of transparent redraw to be handled: "Embedded DRAM gives 48 GByte/sec memory bandwidth to eliminate pixel fill bottleneck." - http://research.scee.net/files/presentations/agdc2000/ThePow...

Granted that was years ago, so I might be mistaken. But it's still a lot of speed for a device that was made more than 13 years ago...

And you are right that they come nowhere, but if the game relies on one specific feature and over-used it, and that feature is a bit slow on modern cards - then it's an issue emulating it.

No wonder the first PS3 came with the Synthesizer chip built-in, rather than emulate it.

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