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Is this just not a risk inherent with developing for "app stores"?

To you, your application may be something you sunk months of your life and perhaps something you are relying on to pay your mortgage.

To the app store owner , your app is simply 1 of hundreds of thousands of apps. Google/Apple etc must receive hundreds of fraudulent or otherwise "dodgy" submissions every day, so it makes sense from their point of view to optimise the process of deleting these.

If they end up accidentally burning a few legit indie devs in process because of false positives then it is simply viewed as collateral damage.

I can only see this becoming more arbitrary over time as the app store owners begin to sink under the crushing weight of application submissions.

The good thing about android is there are lots of stores!

Doesn't the "play store" cover about 90% of it though?

To be honest , I'm not even sure how I'd set my phone up to use a different store nevermind the average android user.

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