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And that is Google's achilles' heel; support and customer service. It's across their entire line of software and services. Try getting a-hold of someone if you a Google Apps member. You damn lucky if you get anything other then a automated response.

And isn't Google about to release a tablet soon? Good luck.

It's not a bug, it's a feature. As long as they make more by not being human than they lose by pissing people off, they're good.

It's on purpose.

Amazon makes money, has cheap prices, and runs many of the web's popular sites, yet still manages to have good customer service.

Ah, but now you're talking about the relationship between Amazon and their paying customers. You take care of your paying customers.

An occupant of a blog is, as the saying goes, a product, not a customer.

EDIT: I re-read the article. I thought they were losing their Blogger account. Never mind.

I have paid for Google Apps and have in the past called Google. It hasn't been an issue getting someone on the phone to walk me through something or at least help me try to figure out why something wasn't working.

Yes you won't get support for their free version, that isn't entirely unexpected.

Google released the Nexus 7 a month ago...

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