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Ask HN: Recommendations on Android outsourcing company?
7 points by dave1619 on Aug 3, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments
We're dealing with the challenge of managing iOS, Android, WindowsPhone for an app we have. And we're thinking of expanding to the web. It's a handful managing all the people.

PG wrote today (http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4332278), "To most startups we fund, iOS is way more important. Nearly all build for iOS first and then maybe one day port to Android. There are a few exceptions like Kyte (http://kytephone.com) who use Android to do things you can't do on iOS. And of course Apportable (http://apportable.com) has been very successful auto-porting iOS apps to Android."

It got me thinking of maybe focusing our team just on iOS, and then porting our app to Android via an outsourcing company.

I'm wondering if there's a good Android outsourcing company that HN companies prefer. Or if anybody else has any suggestions?

Plugging ourselves at intohand.com (I am one of the founders) we have been involved with the Android scene before there was hardware, I personally have given talks and workshops at Droidcon and the Future of Mobile, we have several successful apps and can assist with iOS, Blackberry, Qt and pretty much any other mobile platform you care to mention apart from WP7

Email is in my profile, if you would like to chat more

I'll go ahead and plug my consulting company Androidworks. We are a strong team specializing only on Android. We've done several iPhone ports making sure to convert the UI into the appropriate Android design patterns. We take pride in writing quality code and would love to hear about your project. My email is in my profile, drop me a line anytime.

Might as well plug myself too. I build primarily on Android as my apps are free and it has the larger user base (and I love Android)

I mainly do client work on iOS, though my next big self funded project will be on both platforms.

Contact form and more details about me are on my website - http://jamesjguthrie.com

What about building the app using mobile web application and deploying the app using Cordova (ex PhoneGap) ?

I'll throw in a recommendation for my $DAYJOB employer, Open Software Integrators (via their Bull City Mobile subsidiary).


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