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Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? (August 2012)
98 points by whoishiring on Aug 1, 2012 | hide | past | web | favorite | 92 comments
Please lead with either SEEKING WORK or SEEKING FREELANCER, your location and whether remote work is a possibility.

SEEKING WORK - Remote, Boston, or possibly elsewhere

Primarily a backend web developer with lots of experience with PHP, MySQL, and to a lesser extent Python (which I prefer) and Django.

I co-founded and wrote almost the entire backend of a start-up that recently open-sourced its code: http://github.com/getchabooks/getchabooks.

I have lots of academic knowledge about linguistics and some experience with NLP tools, so I can quickly get up to speed on NLP projects.


email: m@mwhite.info

Edit: to be clear, I can absolutely get things done on the frontend too

Which scripts did you write yourself among https://github.com/getchabooks/getchabooks/tree/master/asset... ?

Basically none. Before I added/changed maybe 50 lines very recently to reflect a significant change in the data model and UX, I had pretty much never touched our JavaScript.

Who wrote https://github.com/getchabooks/getchabooks/blob/master/asset... ?

I notice it uses jQuery's .on method, which IIRC is fairly new.

My co-founders Mike (http://lazerwalker.com) and Ricky (http://rmondello.com) collaborated pretty closely on most of the JS. Usage of .on appears to have been introduced by Ricky in January.


I'm looking for a freelance designer (preferably located in the states but no strong bias) to work remotely for a 1-2 month contract with potential to extend.

The job is going to be to revamp Pingpanel.com which while it looks pretty does not reflect what the company currently does. Pingpanel now produces whitelabel question and answer software (see our first client http://diy-advice.ratedpeople.com).

Your job will be to revamp the look and messaging of the sales end of the site as well as helping improve the current software UI and will ideally use a bit of your javascript wizardry to make it nice 'n slick.

You'll be joining a team of 2 (sometimes three) developers across the world all of whom can do full stack but all of whom would appreciate someone with a strong aesthetic and a lust to beautify and stamp their own mark on the site.

Infrastructure is Rails so you should ideally know how to work with Rails templates, HAML and GIT. As long as you've done some work with templating in some language or other though that will be just dandy. Most important thing is good html/css and design, the rest we can teach you.

Please send applications with details of your availability and your portfolio to work at pingpanel dot com. The company is (leanly) funded and the work is available now so please reach out.

Please note you do need to include your portfolio, details and availability. Emails without these will get rejected. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you.

SEEKING WORK: Europe or Remote


We are Mobile Jazz, a collective of excellent engineers and designers with a strong focus on everything mobile and beyond.

We're doing Android since the first 1.0 release in 2008 and iOS since 2009. We also do Mobile Web and cross-plattform (PhoneGap & Titanium).

Additionally we've a ton of experience in backend development (Java & Rails) and web frontend development (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript).

Check us out here: http://mobilejazz.cat

If you need more references and testimonials have a look here: http://stefanklumpp.com/testimonials.html

If you've any questions please get in touch with me via stefan@mobilejazz.cat - happy to answer any questions :-)

PS: We've worked successfully with other HN members before.


Location: San Francisco or Remote.

Experience working at all levels of the stack, extremely proficient in Rails development, Node.js, and frontend development. Have written lots of PHP in a past life, but haven't touched it in a few years. Mostly spending my days doing iOS development for my own projects. Feel reasonably good about my iOS skills, but my strengths are definitely in web programming.

Places I've spent time either managing engineers or shipping code: Basis (www.basis.com), Singly (www.singly.com), Rupture/EA (ea.com). Projects I've built either on my own, or with friends: WAYWN (www.waywn.com) & Lifetracker (www.lifetrckr.com).

Contact info is in my profile. Have about 20-30 hours / week of availability currently.

SEEKING FREELANCER (remote): Python / Big Data

We're looking for someone that loves data.... and can run, maintain and add features to our python data pipeline - python, linux, ec2, s3, aws. Working remote is tough, and we'll really need someone that's a really fluent English speaker (we like to skype) and writer. On the Python side of things, you need to be awesome and able hit the ground running on understanding the script and making changes. You'll also need to be lazyboy-level comfortable on the command line, working on remote machines, moving lots of files around. Short and longterm opportunities.

Thanks, we're looking forward to talking with you rockstars out there! :)


SEEKING WORK - NYC or remote. I am a mobile developer who focuses on Android Java development. I have worked on multiple Android apps, both large and small, for a variety of clients. My portfolio and Github are listed below:



My previous experience includes C/C++, VB.NET, and HTML / PHP. Feel free to get in touch -- email is theo---AT---bricolsoftconsulting----DOT---com.

If you create your portfolio on http://tapfame.com we'll start sending you projects matching your profile that businesses are currently submit.

SEEKING WORK - Remote/Freelance Python/Django/jQuery, with extensive experience building e-commerce marketplaces. I have a research background, data analysis, playing around with NLP right now. I run a django dev shop, currently taking gigs. Here's my portfolio: * http://www.cloudshuffle.com/

* http://www.sidmitra.com/portfolio.html

Contact details in my profile or the link above.

Here're some examples from my portfolio:

* http://www.teaspiller.com - An online marketplace for tax experts.

* http://www.garnishbar.com - social network, to share mixed drink recipes

* http://www.fertilityplanit.com, built their self serve ad network + billing and payments.

* http://www.turlytag.com - an app to connect owners with people who found their lost items.

* http://www.fratmusic.com - an online radio streaming app serving over 1.3 million uniques a month.

* http://www.emriq.com - a web based medical records platform for small to medium clinics.

* http://loudfarm.com - A music event site.

and many more.

SEEKING FREELANCER - REMOTE - MVP Prototyping - 3 days Basic Design & Development

I'm looking get an MVP up and running over a weekend/3 days. Normally for personal projects I'd put something together myself however this is beyond my current skill set and my poorly written 'hack' won't cut it. I now need a solid base to demonstrate the initial concept to my potential customers to get feedback.

You'd be free to start from scratch & use your preferred technologies to develop a minimalistic group messaging web application & iOS app. In a nutshell - A user creates a group, invites other users via e-mail & all users within that group can post updates.

I'm super organised and very realistic with requirements. I have the basic database structure sketched out, wireframes & copy written.

This would be an ideal project for a developer that can fit in some extra weekend work.

I will be working alongside you during the project, removing as many obstacles as I can. I can take on the simpler tasks which will help me learn and leave you free to work on the challenges.

I'm also interested in hearing from any UI/UX designers so that I can get some longer term design ideas & concepts mapped out.

If you are interested please send a link to your portfolio and an estimate for 24 hours of work (3x8hour days).

I'm my username on gmail.com


SEEKING WORK: (Remote|USA|CANADA) [Will travel] [Canadian Citizen, Can Provide W-8]


* Co-founded Verelo.com * 21 Linked-in recommendations for Software Development * Made Toronto's 2012 Hot List - http://startupnorth.ca/2012/05/31/hot-sht-list-2012/ * Nominated for the Bell Technology Award – for distributed computing software for search engine * Created Canada’s first distributed computing Search engine – interviewed by Globe and Mail – article titled “Seeking Cyberspace Supremacy” * Interviewed for Front Page Story, Expositor - “Seeking Cyberspace Supremacy” * Interviewed, and written about in "Hacking the Xbox", a book by Andrew Huang, Xenatara Press - A introductory book to Reverse Engineering * Interviewed for an article in the Globe and Mail titled “Techies Challenge Microsoft”. Two time special guest on CBC TV News World, and frequent guest on CBC Radio 1

If you'd like to see examples of my work, check out the start-up I helped build: Verelo.com

I'm a Senior Developer/DevOps with AWS, Rackspace, Jenkins, CI Experience. I Also Code in C/C++/Java/PHP/Python.

Linked-in: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mikecurry


Location: Columbia, Missouri (or Remote) Who we are DocumentCloud (http://www.documentcloud.org/home ) is a web based platform allowing journalists to upload, analyze, annotate, and publish primary source documents. We want give journalists the tools to show their audience their source material, not just tell them about it. In addition to the newsrooms worldwide who use DocumentCloud, our open source software projects (see: http://github.com/documentcloud ), such as Backbone.js, Underscore.js, Docsplit, and Jammit, are relied upon by companies such as LinkedIn, Walmart, Foursquare and more. DocumentCloud is run by Investigative Reporters & Editors (http://ire.org ).

DocumentCloud is looking for a freelancer who has experience working with solr and the JVM to assist us with scaling up our search index prior to DocumentCloud going international.

If you've got experience working with full text search indexes with millions of records (and possibly heavy duty faceting) please drop us a line at: jobs@documentcloud.org


We are Gerger (www.gerger.co), the creators of Formspider (www.theformspider.com), the Web 2.0 framework for Oracle PL/SQL developers. We are preparing a new version of our product and we would like to renew our product web site www.theformspider.com along with it.

Our product Formspider is for a specific group of developers namely, the Oracle PL/SQL developers. It's mainly used in mid to large size companies to build Budgeting, Accounting, Order Management, HR, ERP etc.. software.

Current Web site was done by us a year and a half ago. It's nice but building web sites is not our focus. The site is also showing its age.

Formspider impresses our users with its simple and elegant design. It is perceived as an unusually high quality, very innovative product built with care and attention to detail. We would like our new web site reflect these facts.

We want a simple yet beautiful design in our web site. Readable large fonts, excellent copyright, gorgeous pictures, icons and screen shots should provide a enjoyable experience to the visitor. We don't want run of the mill, stock photos, icons and text anywhere on the site. Each page needs to be individually crafted and be of excellent quality.

The entire goal of the web site is to reflect the high quality of our product.

Our favorite product, company web sites are www.apple.com (you should have seen this coming at this point :-) ) and http://www.fogcreek.com/fogbugz/

We've been struggling to find a freelancer or a team that can get this done. I thought of asking you on HN hoping that you can help.

Best, Yalim

You have some typos on this page http://theformspider.com/product.php?descid=5

Thanks. Could you tell me what they are please?

In case you see this:

Our background is PL/SQL and Oracle Forms. We were annoyed with the way web applications are supposed to be built nowadays. We wanted to build the Forms for the 21st century, and Formspider is just that. It is an intuitive, elegant framework that just feels right to build applications with. A framework that empowers you, eliminates all the drudgery of the Web but embraces all its beauty. Once you start using it, you will never want to build with anything else.

NB: I just removed one extra word, changed "build" to "built" in one instance, and combined a sentence. I didn't do a full re-write.


I will email/tweet your pitch on your behalf to 50 to 100 targeted tech, lifestyle, and business bloggers. My email is in my profile.

Edit: This way you don't have to sit down for one week trying to compile a list of bloggers, searching for their bio, trying to find their email address or twitter account, etc.... As a contractor you can set me up with your company's email address, give me the details and BAM we get going.

SEEKING WORK: Remote (NYC based, but need to work off-site)

What I do: Frontend (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript etc), UX & wire prototyping, full-stack PHP, Django (tho a little rusty), project management.

I'm currently stuck working off-site due to a back injury but happy to meet with folks in NYC. Looking for some new clients to fill in my roster for the next few months.

I have 10 years experience doing frontend and fullstack dev, and am becoming increasingly skilled at mobile web and HTML-based iOS + Android apps.

I have also launched & run 2 startup products myself, been a fulltime Product Manager at a venture backed startup, creative director at another, and put together dev and design teams for clients of all sizes.

To contact me and a little more info, you can check out my (very dated, sorry) site: http://www.zenjiweb.com . My resume is basically my LinkedIn profile http://www.linkedin.com/in/ronwhitman

Happy to meet w/ folks in New York City.

SEEKING WORK: Salt Lake City / Remote / Part-Time

Seeking part-time remote work in the care and feeding of Unix servers.

Strong generalist Unix admin w/ 20 years experience. Have worked for large and small shops, typical IT stuff as well as managed services, web/email hosting, and HPC environments.

I prefer small, laid-back employers. If you have an HR department, you're likely too big for my tastes. If your initial contact with me is "send me your resume" you're likely too conventional.

I live a simple, frugal life, so I bill accordingly, I've done the 9-to-5, and I hate it. I work to pay the bills and do fun stuff w/ my wife and kids. If you need a senior-level unix admin for a couple of hours a day/week/month, but can't afford a full-timer, then drop me a line.

I admit I'm not of the caliber of "ninja", "rock star", etc. that so many here seem to be (or need). But I've been managing unix servers for a long time, and I'm good at keeping the lights on. If you need a stalwart veteran of the unix command line, give me holler.


Web developer specializing in Wordpress. I’ve done: themes, plugins, migrations, general feature additions, and even minor hacking on the core.

Disclaimer: Wordpress is not for everyone and you should consulate an expert before running a Wordpress instance on your server. Side-effects may include: a blog you will never update, traffic spike induced crashes, and non-optional security updates. Always have an expert you can email should things go very wrong.

email: danieru.dressler@gmail.com

resume: http://danieru.com/resume/resume.html

Open source wise I contribute to Linux’s printing sub system:



SEEKING WORK (Remote or Charlotte, NC)

I'm a senior LAMP (PHP, MySQL, Linux, Apache, nginx) and frontend developer (JS, jQuery, Backbone, Ember, HTML5, CSS3) with 4.5 years of agency experience working for clients large and small as well as having a BS in Computer Science. This last year I've been working for a startup. I've got an extensive CV and have shipped full stack codebases for 3 startups.

I enjoy both frontend and backend projects and prefer working with MVC frameworks (Kohana, Zend Framework, or CodeIgniter are my usual suspects). I'm also well versed in Wordpress theming and custom plugin development.

My github account is packed full of open source contributions and I run two web development blogs in my spare time.

I'm also the co-organizer of the Charlotte, NC PHP meetup group.

I don't come cheap because I get shit done.

Interested? We should chat. If I don't have current availability I'd still love to stay in contact. Contact info in my profile.

SEEKING WORK - Remote. I'm Spanish and based in Barcelona, but I'm fluent in English.

I'm kind of a jack-of-all-trades. I can design and fully develop any web app using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP & MySQL.

I have plenty of experience working on sites with millions of pageviews a month, and love building products from scratch. I'm specially looking for short term projects. If you don't have the time or skills to build a minimum viable product, I'm your guy. Contact me at manuelflara@gmail.com

Some examples of my work: - http://www.moviewishlist.com (video doesn't work yet) - http://www.fiestastic.com - http://www.onswingers.com (dating site in Spanish, requires invite)


I'm developing web apps with Python, Tornado, Django, Google App Engine, Javascript (jQuery, Backbone.js), PostgreSQL, Linux, VPS (Linode), MongoDB, Redis. I've studied Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (Statement of accomplishment from Andrew Ng - ML Stanford, and Sebastian Thrun/Peter Norvig - AI Stanford).

I'm working on a scalable and easy-to-integrate web chat implementation (similar to Facebook chat) using Tornado non-blocking capabilities and the long polling technique.

My Github repos: https://github.com/ccarpenterg

Some work in Python:


Blog: http://ccarpenterg.posterous.com

Contact: ccarpenterg@gmail.com (My name is Cristian)

SEEKING WORK: Africa or Remote

Java (Spring, Struts2, GWT), Python (Django), Jython hacker. solid experience in jQuery and good in HTML/CSS. A bit of Android.

I have 4 years professional experience. I worked for an ISP, where I developed in house network monitoring software, wrote web app extensions to Sisco's SCE for IP data monitoring and analysis, and built a set of SMS applications (HTTP, SMPP Gateway + Web SMS), to cite a few. I worked on personal projects that did not take off (hard to sell IT thing in Africa). Afterwards, I did some contract work for people.

I am now looking for an opportunity to work on bigger projects; projects that have impact.

A final note: I have a solid academic background in statistical data analysis; I can help turn your application data into gold.

You can reach me at software21st@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK: San Francisco / Remote / Part-Time

Just came off a well paid and successful 2 month contract on multiple iPhone/iPad apps for the healthcare industry. I have a computer science degree and some grad school. I've written IDEs. I've given presentations at Fortune 500 companies. I've fixed production bugs that have financial consequences in multi-millions each hour. I also have decades of experience listening to users to figure out what they didn't realize they wanted all along.

Currently specializing in iOS, leveraging 14 years industry experience in Smalltalk and energy trading/scheduling. I also have side projects in Javascript and the versatility of a true generalist.

I've just moved to the SF bay area, so now's your chance! stcredzero {_at_} gmail {etc}

SEEKING WORK -- Designer/Programmer: New York and all points remote.

I'm a designer (RISD MFA) and a programmer (started on the Apple //e) who has been working on the web since the first dotcom boom. I have a wide range of experience with myriad platforms, across the entire spectrum -- I've hand-tuned SQL queries, compressed the smallest PNGs, and kerned the most unkernable typefaces.

I'm keen on mobile, but I'm looking for engaging work irrespective of context.

Please see http://portfolio.objectsinspaceandtime.com/ for work samples, or http://github.com/fish2000 for samples of actively-maintained Python and JavaScript code.

Thank you for your consideration.

SEEKING WORK - Phoenix/Remote

Lots of experience with Java and its enterprise stuff. I've been doing more Rails and mobile (iOS/Android) stuff lately, and I'm particularly interested in taking on more projects in that arena.


alwold at gmail dot com

SEEKING WORK. From Porto, Portugal, E.U.; open for remote, but will possibly relocate


* Currently Python/Javascript developer, Django mostly; Google Appengine skills

* Past experience with PHP, including some Zend Framework, Propel, ZetaComponents (formerly known as ezComponents)

* Past experience with Java in content management applications: Struts, Hibernate, Jboss Seam. Many beers ago.

* Built a small Node.js/Dojo project for NodeKnockout 2010 which got #10 (http://www.slideshare.net/MyCatStoleMyPPT/tweetirc-presentat...)

Frontend javascript:

* Dojo Toolkit

* JQuery

* virtualenv, pip, Git, Mercurial, SVN

* Experience with managed hosting (Heroku, Gondor)

Resume: https://gist.github.com/f7245484c4c18b6ef567

p.s: currently learning Android development by working on a free open source Pypi (Cheesechop) client app (package browse, search, view details, get release notifications for favorite packages) using the xmlrpc API (at least directly for now, not being able to limit results has memory/performance issues):

* https://github.com/zemanel/pypi-android (Android project)

* https://github.com/zemanel/pypi-java-xmlrpc-client (client library)

if you're "between projects" and wanna help out and have fun, feel free to get in touch

SEEKING WORK - Remote/StLouis/or I can temporarily relocate


I'm a hacker+hustler+designer, based in St. Louis. I am obsessed with startups and user experience. Looking for a freelance gig to get me thru the summer.

I've been lead frontend developer on over 50 projects, and am very experienced building custom websites using WordPress as a platform. Also I was 2-time finalist in our local startup incubator, and applied to YC Spring 2011.

Love to talk about how to bring your product to the next level!


http://dylanhassinger.net http://github.com/dylanized http://dribbble.com/dylanized

SEEKING FREELANCER: Javascript Programmer (Seattle/Bellevue : Onsite preferred) - http://www.imprev.com

We are looking for a Javascript Pro to build a rich-client interface for our Application. Contract work for 6 months.

You’ll be working with a team of full-stack developers building a large, browser-based application using Backbone/Marionette and communicating with the server (implemented in Java) using JSON-RPC and Barrister (https://github.com/coopernurse/barrister) (we’re not RESTy… you’re cool with that, right?). You’ll be rationalizing wireframes against our API, interacting with business folks directly, and building highly interactive,modular interfaces that plug into our existing architecture.


> You write JavaScript…

> You’ve written a web application that’s rendered completely on the client

> You understand the tradeoffs of implementing test automation for browser-based JS

> You understand how to write something that works with old and new browsers alike

> You are comfortable talking to business people on your own in order to flesh out requirements

> You can write markup and CSS for your view code that doesn’t use things like clearfix or conditional comments

Plus other stuff, probably needed to survive:

> Several years (3+) of development in a team environment under your belt

> Basic understanding of *nix environment (look through logs, bounce services, etc.)

> Be a collaborator

> Be nice

Interested: careers@imprev.com

More info (Full job description): http://bit.ly/MWLVhi

Really, Really Interested? Submit your answer to https://github.com/hippipp/javascripty-challenge to careers@imprev.com

SEEKING WORK: Remote (or Denver, Colorado)

Android developer.

My own apps: https://play.google.com/store/search?q=Catherine+Darrow

Work in progress for my current client: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=472223429457368&...

I've been to most corners of the Android ecosystem. For example, my current contract is data-driven, Facebook integrated, Google Maps-integrated, and features in-app billing. I seem to have recently specialized in bringing IOS apps over in a way that respects Android design principles.


Location: Tucson, AZ. (REMOTE definitely okay.)

Looking for a some part-time help to work on our from-scratch forum built in Rails. Fangamer has a copy of the forum here: http://fangamer.com/forum and has clients who are using the code. (Including one major MMO studio.)

I'm specifically seeking someone who can take a very large existing Rails codebase and can: Add better UI features (over JQuery), implement a karma/reputation system (via Rails Engine plugin), handle client visual requests (SCSS).

We can provide only a few weeks worth of work, so it's best if you need a shorter project.

Contact with portfolio/resume: hnad {ATTTT} fangamer (d0tt) com

SEEKING WORK - Remote, Columbus or Cincinnati areas, or the possibility of a travel / remote combination. My specialties are Ruby, Rails, and javascript/jQuery, but I also have a great deal of experience with Asp.net MVC. Over the past year or two, I've primarily been doing Rails development for clients, including several startups, intermixed with some consulting work as a Team Lead and Ruby/Cucumber mentor at a large financial company.

Email: adam dot albrecht [at] gmail




SEEKING WORK - Brighton, UK. London, UK. Remote

Freelance developer based in the Brighton in the UK. I can travel to London but I usually prefer to work remotely as I have a very nice desk in a co-working place 5 minutes from my house :)

Languages are mainly Python and JavaScript (client and server side) but happy with lots of others when they are needed (I love a bit of Haskell, although rarely get paid to use it!). Experience with Django, Node.JS, Backbone.JS, SciPy, OpenCV.

One of the things I enjoy doing is RESTful API design, here's a talk I gave to a local JavaScript talk about that recently (scroll down for the slides):


Email: tom@almostobsolete.net

SEEKING WORK - Remote or occasional travel around Europe fine. Native British developer based in Warsaw, Poland.

Back-end jack-of-all-trades, concentrating on PHP/C#/MySQL, experienced with Apache/nginx/IIS, and general Linux admin.

A few sample projects I work on in my spare time, using PHP/Kohana/MySQL/jQuery:




I'm very good at finding solutions to complex problems, enjoy rescuing projects in trouble, and like working with technology in general. I always chatting about requirements, feel free to drop me a line at tom@tbbuck.com

SEEKING WORK: London, UK - Remote a possibility.

I'm a fullstack web developer.

On the backend I prefer using Ruby (Rails or Sinatra), but I've also got experience with Java, PHP, and some Python, C, Haskell, Clojure, etc.

On the frontend I know my way around HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and though I'm far from the world's best designer I know enough about the principles of good design to create something decent. For example, here's the last project I worked on: http://ec2-23-20-142-233.compute-1.amazonaws.com/site2/

And here's my portfolio: http://i.saac.me/portfolio.

Email: isaac@i.saac.me

SEEKING WORK: Remote/Birmingham, AL

Urban Coding, http://www.urbancoding.net, is a full-stack web and mobile application development company. We work in three-week sprints for a flat $8,000 rate. Our specialities are HTML/CSS, Design, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Java, iOS, and your database flavor of choice. We currently have one opening left for the year starting on September 17th.

For more information, check out our project and pricing guide at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fOigUGu4N1647N2uejNGxHce... .

SEEKING WORK, Jacksonville FL/Remote anywhere

I'm trying an experiment this month. If you need iOS work done, hire me by buying a package of hours. Details are on my blog, here: http://skroob.com/blog/2012/08/01/hire-the-developer-with-no...

Prices are on the blog post, but I'm listing them here for simplicity's sake:

- 80 hours for $8000

- 40 hours for $5000

- 20 hours for $3000

- 10 hours for $1600

If you'd like to see examples of my work, check out my website at http://pocketsevens.net.

If you're interested in talking about what I can do for you, contact me at consult+hirehn@pocketsevens.net.

I'm in Canada and your site is very slow to load (over a minute). It is also very tricky to scroll vertically on an iPhone, it wants to scroll sideways instead. Just FYI.

Well that's no good. Thanks for letting me know, I will take a look.

Slow for me in NYC as well, just FYI. Also, 4.5 MB is quite large to show the first page. Amazon is 1.9 MB, and Pinterest actually comes in at under a MB by comparison.


Visual.ly is looking for a part-time (contract) d3 hacker to join our team. You like working on the bleeding edge? You are excited about data? And like problem solving? As a D3 Hacker, you will be tasked with integrating new and managing existing data sources, both via API's (like twitter and facebook) and unstructured data sets (csv's and google docs) for 20% of your time. You will also be responsible for hacking together visualizations with d3.js for 80% of your time.

Apply via email: http://visual.ly/about/jobs/d3-hacker

SEEKING WORK - Remote/Ann Arbor, MI

Currently booking for September/October

Freelance interface designer/front-end developer.

I specialize in: HTML, CSS, javascript, Wordpress, and Tumblr development.

Proficient in responsive web design (both simple sites and fully responsive web applications). Good with copywriting and developing personable experiences (i.e. has a voice and personality like Mailchimp).

Fully comfortable with Rails integration and Git.

Portfolio: http://ryanglover.net Dribbble: http://dribbble.com/rglover Email: ryan@wellroundedgent.com

SEEKING WORK - Remote or Rochester, NY

Small projects, sub-projects, pieces of larger work preferred. I love a good bug hunt.

Recently used languages include Python, Go, and Perl, but I am very flexible here.

My most recent project is built with Mojolicious and PostgreSQL (https://everyminder.com/). Currently working with Django -- bonus points if you need help there. I also have experience integrating 3rd party services such as Mailgun and Stripe.

GitHub: https://github.com/whee/ Email: brian@smaertness.net

SEEKING FREELANCER: Front-end developer, html5/css3 with sass & compass.

We're a web and mobile consultancy and work mostly with early-stage startups. Primarily US-based but fully distributed team (i.e. we don't care where you live).

Strong Javascript skills (know backbone well? +1 / coffeescript? another big +1) and experience with Rails apps are big bonuses.

Full job ad here: http://www.authenticjobs.com/jobs/13901/front-end-developer

Company site here: http://turing.com/

SEEKING WORK: Front end and Drupal/Wordpress developer - NJ, usa or (preferably) remote

I've begun getting my feet wet with Rails and Sinatra over the last few months, so if anyone has any small or prototype-ish projects that they'd like to try out, I'm also seeking that kind of work. Otherwise, I've been doing PHP content management for the last 3 years or so and very much enjoy the front end. For larger and more design focused projects I work with a top-notch designer, so bring those on, too. Thanks.

therealjohnnygrubb AT gmail dot com for rates, portfolio, and the like.

SEEKING FREELANCERS - Remote - Frontend - Javascript, HTML, CSS

I'm looking for a number of people who are interested in freelance work in (primarily) JS. Remote is fine, prefer full time (or close) availability and some overlap with US Eastern time would help.

The development will be using our API and the Google Closure library (experience not required). A strong background in JS/HTML/CSS is needed.

There are a large number of projects available and they require little coordination, so they are pretty ideal for remote freelancing.

Contact me (Luke) at lwalker at monetate if you're interested or have any questions.


SEEKING FREELANCERS - Remote - Frontend - Javascript, HTML, CSS

I'm looking for a number of people who are interested in freelance work in (primarily) Javascript. Remote is fine, prefer full time (or close) availability and some overlap with US Eastern time would help.

The development will be using our API and the Google Closure library (experience not required). A strong background in JS/HTML/CSS is needed.

There are a large number of projects available and they require little coordination, so they are pretty ideal for remote freelancing.

Contact me at lwalker at monetate if you're interested or have any questions.


SEEKING FREELANCER: We're hiring a part time (up to 20hr/wk), remote web application developer to support a BPM project for one of our clients, a high technology manufacturing firm in Sunnyvale, CA. The platform is Intalio BPMS (http://intalio.com) and skillsets required include building AJAX user interfaces (we are using Tibco GI), web service implementation and testing (XSLT, Xpath, SoapUI), MySQL, Tomcat. Small team, good rate, interesting technology. Contact: info@innovelocity.com

SEEKING FREELANCER (remote): Front-end developer

We're looking for a web front-end developer with speciality in jQuery, javascript, css, and incorporating real-time technologies (ie., websockets) for a social networking/chat application. We have an iOS version of the social networking/chat application, but we need it ported to the web.

It is a big plus if you can do UX/UI as well, but it's not required. Btw, we're looking for a UX/UI person as well to design the web interface for our social networking/chat application.

Find my email in my HN profile and send portfolio/rates.

SEEKING WORK - Remote / Paris (France) or Kobe (Japan)

Freelancing with my associate from ShiningPanda. We build web applications and websites on top of Python/Django. Sample projects:

https://www.findmyeventspace.com (in construction)


We are also build and release experts, using mainly Jenkins CI.

website: http://www.shiningpanda.com

email: alexis.tabary@shiningpanda.com


Opscode Chef consulting. Devops. Infrastructure automation. Migration from Heroku to Amazon/Linode/Dedicated servers. Infrastucture review and audit.

I'm chef contributor. (I'm listed here http://wiki.opscode.com/display/chef/Release+MVPs)

https://github.com/iafonov http://iafonov.github.com afonov@gmail.com


Location: West Central Scotland or remote

Web: jamesjguthrie.com

Google Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=jamesjguthri...

I build apps on Android and iOS; and web services with expertise in WAMP/LAMP.

I run my own start-up here in Scotland where I build products to enhance productivity in automotive and motorsport engineering applications; and I also do client work.

You can use the contact form on my website to reach me.


iOS & Python Developer.

http://fr.anc.is ~ Blog http://www.pitchphone.com ~ MVP (Python / Django) http://www.addy.cc ~ MVP (iOS Native) http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/didthis/id459150215?mt=8 ~ Startup (iOS + Backend)

SEEKING WORK - Ottawa, ON - Remote

I am an experienced full-stack web developer with around 6 years working professionally. I specialize in high-traffic WordPress applications. I have also recently gotten interested in ruby and rails. If you are interested in discussing your project and reviewing my recent work, feel free to send an email! My username at gmail dot com. You can also find me on LinkedIn by searching for my username.



Portfolio at http://www.madebyargon.com

I am a freelance web/interface designer and front-end developer.

- Proficient in Photoshop and Illustrator.

- Proficient in HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript (incl. jQuery).

- Experienced in designing and developing responsive designs that scale across multiple devices.

- Experienced in A/B testing and data-driven design

- Experience with PHP, Rails, SVN, and Git.

Email me at inlith@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK (Southern California or Remote)

Designer with 4 years of experience planning and building for tech companies to restaurants and filmmakers.

I love collaborating with companies and individuals who have big ideas or would like help developing their vision.

I try to keep things simple and help clients exceed all their goals.

Feel free to contact with any questions! Can't wait to hear from you.

www.bryanmgreen.com | linkedin.com/in/bryanmgreen


Location: Seattle or Remote

My experience is primarily with Python and Javascript. I love working with new technologies especially Coffeescript and Backbone.js.

My personal website is here: http://thedjpetersen.github.com/ My github is here: https://github.com/thedjpetersen

Seeking Work (Remote). We built http://whisper.sh (website, iOS app, Server). We've built iOS apps for MTV, VH1, and others. I don't do a lot of business development; I just get on HN when we're done with a project.

Our team is small and we typically have one big project at a time. Specialties are a) iOS, b) Rails, c) Erlang.


SEEKING WORK - Android, iPhone, iPad

Poland, Gdansk based team of mobile developers. We specialize in Android and IOS development, we implement backend solutions in Java, .NET, PHP and Ruby on Rails. More than 7 years experience in the industry. Check our website: www.bright-inventions.com and ask for quote. We are looking for a long term partnership.


I have a working mvp (Rails 2.3.8) with paying users in a large industry. I need help with developing a few requested features, like integrating streaming video, improved reporting, categories/tags.

Ultimately, I'm looking for a first hire, but I don't expect that to happen for another 6-9 months.

david at thentic.com

need to provide description of what tasks you need to get completed by the freelancer.

SEEKING WORK: remote (Portland, OR)

iOS, Python, Django, geospatial, and full-stack web plus years as a PHP, C#, and C/C++ DevOps slave; 15 years of software engineering and 4 startups. Available for new app production as well as contributions to existing teams.


SEEKING WORK, Perth Australia (remote fine)

"Full stack" dev, currently getting http://www.minecraftsaver.com going. It's a desktop wxPython client and Django site. Used AWS for the first time with it (EC2 to render maps, S3 to store, Cloudfront for cdn).

More projects @ paimoe.com


I am looking for web scraping projects, or other mini-projects in the areas of machine learning, databases or AI related, general hacking or Perl scripting, and website building/testing. I have expertise in Perl, Matlab, C and R, have basic knowledge of Ruby on Rails, Python and iOS.

Email: dmn001 {at} gmail.com


I put together websites for fledgeling businesses. Taking care of the full stack -- from designing your landing page to getting your application servers running in the cloud. Check out http://prontotype.us/ for contact information.


I'm a generalist and can help you build & launch products that are just rough ideas in your head. I am proficient with Ruby on Rails and generally quite adept at picking up new technologies as per the needs of the product.

Please see my profile for the contact & other relevant information.

SEEKING WORK - New York City

I'm a full-stack Ruby / Javascript developer looking for rich-client application-oriented Javascript projects using Backbone, Sencha Touch, jQuery Mobile, ExtJS, etc. Please contact me at barry[at]barrypeerless[dot]com to discuss your project. I look forward to connecting!

Cheers, Barry

SEEKING WORK: Remote iOS, Java, C#, MSSQL Server. Apps work includes: Web Service, JSON, XML, Social Integration. I want focus on mobile development with 2 years of experience in iOS. I can hack my way into Android also.

3 apps currently live in the App Store.

Interested in freelance, my email is in my profile.

SEEKING WORK - Remote or Berlin

We're a offering consulting/contract work around Nokia's Qt framework. We're also interested in doing other work in the world of open source, desktop, mobile, iOS.

If you're interested contact us via http://woboq.com/

SEEKING WORK - Android/iPhone

A team of two Polish mobile developers. We mostly do cross-platform native development (Titanium Certified App Developers), as well as backends in PHP/Python.

check our apps: http://www.azac.pl contact us: azac@azac.pl


Web & mobile interface designer from California. I work with companies around the world on visual design, application design and usability.

HTML5 / CSS3 (Sass, Stylus, Less, Bootstrap) / JS / Photoshop / iOS


SEEKING WORK - Remote/Europe, Luxembourg.

Looking in project in R language, data mining, hadoop.

Experience with Java, C++, Python.

blog: http://www.investuotojas.eu

github: https://github.com/kafka399


Looking for a freelancer to help me put together the first version of my SaaS product. Web application + potentially iOS version also. Wireframes & mockups are ready to go.

I'd like to pay great attention to UI/UX even in the first version.

E-mail is in my profile.


SEEKING WORK - Android development


Development, app promotion, play store ranking, app monetization.


SEEKING WORK - Drupal expert, full stack developer, a decade of startup experience. Based in Seattle, but well versed in supporting remote clients.



C#, ASP.NET, MSSQL Server, WCF Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Heroku QuickBooks Web Service Integration Amazon Web Services (for integrating a seller's inventory)

Email: schillingt@better-simple.com

SEEKING WORK (USA|Remote|Puerto Rico) [Will travel] [American Citizen]

I ship software.

Engineer with three years of professional experience building and shipping software is currently accepting work offers.

Some engineers might focus on other things, but my focus is on getting your software ready as quickly as possible. Why? Because your business depends on it. Any day that you lose with a slow engineer is a day that you don't profit.

My rates are affordable. Other engineers will charge between $400 to $700 per day. Not me. I will only charge you $200 a day. Why are my rates so low? Because I don't have any overhead, and pass the savings on to you. Have a long term project? Let's talk. We can work something out.

Do I have a proven track record? Yes. In fact, I'm releasing my first free open source application in the coming weeks. If you so desire, I will send you an exclusive sample of the application. Just send me an email. No strings attached. I will not spam you. Also have another two more free open source apps coming up soon.

Best of all, I'm a generalist. Be it PHP, Python, Codeigniter, Flask , MySQL, Jquery, HTML/CSS, Linux, .NET, Windows, I can deliver anything you want. Need a purchasing application to control your costs? I can build it. Need an application to A/B test your marketing? That too. Need an API to integrate your services? I will build it for you. I am also fluent in English and Spanish. Si eres una empresa que busca un ingeniero tambien puedes contactarme. No importa el lugar.

All of this, plus the fact that I'm an older, and wiser engineer. I will not play around with your project in order to try out some new technology. I only use proven and reliable methods. Agile and TDD is welcome.

But wait. This all may sound too good to be true. Fine. Go ahead. Send me an email. Let's talk about your needs. Find out for yourself if I am the real deal. You want to interview me with some technical questions? That is great. I love technical interviews. They allow me to show you how good I am.

You can contact me at any time through my email address. It is listed in my profile. I am also available on Skype.

PS. Be sure to contact me ASAP, because last time I posted an ad on HN, I had two work offers on the first day. Be the first in line to hire me.

PPS. I am also available for long-term employment if the project is interesting enough.

If you contact me and mention this ad, I will give you a free one hour consultation. No need to pay any consulting fees (a $100 value). Just mention the ad, and we can schedule a consultation. There you can tell me all of your needs and wants, and I can give you some great ideas on how to acquire them. This is a $100 value free as a gift from me to you. Hurry, because I can only schedule a small and exclusive amount of free consultations.


Whatever web-work you need done (not programming) and you are too lazy to do or don't have the time. Email me the task and what you are willing to pay. No minimum. My email is in my profile. Cheers,

SEEKING WORK: (San Diego, CA | Remote)

Front-end developer looking for freelance work. Freehand sketch (or balsamiq) concept to HTML/PHP/Javascript (JS, jQuery, backbone). I currently utilize bootstrap for CSS.

SEEKING WORK - Ruby Rockstar and JS Ninja

Location: Milan or Remote




Backbone, Phonegap, Sencha, Node, Ruby and Rails.

Excellent architectural skills.

Just talk to me on abhishiv[at]gmail.com and you'll be sold.

We are developers with deep expertise in technology and have developed many award winning apps and solutions for individuals as well as F500 companies. info@newgenapps.com


My specialty is helping first time non technical founders built their first product. (ibuildmvps.com)




Very familiar with the wordpress framework, plugins, custom functionality, etc...

What's your best publicly-viewable JavaScript work?

SEEKING WORK - REMOTE - UI/UX Web Design - http://masswerks.com

Expert PHP developer specializing in complex, high traffic WordPress applications.

Contact me for a portfolio, email in profile.


We're looking for a programmer with experience in RFID to integrate the data collected by various UHF RFID hardware readers into a user interface on the iPad. Knowledge of RFID is obviously a huge bonus.

This job is not just for someone looking to follow precise instructions on code requirements - we're looking for someone to consult with us and guide us through the most efficient path to the goal of the product, as well as executing the development.

Our company is an innovative start-up with plenty of traction. We're revolutionizing inventory management for the jewelry industry, where a single lost product, smaller than your pinky nail, can costs thousands and thousands of dollars.

To the right candidate this project is the first of many. We would like to grow with a skilled outside contractor for many of our upcoming projects.

www.tractechsystems.com for more info Email kevin.barry@tractechsystems.com


We’re seeking a talented Freelance (remote worker) Python developer to join our team to help us to take forward our real-time and historical data mining applications. We are looking for someone who is enthusiastic, smart and talented and to whom coding comes naturally. You will be working with complex, high availability and high scalability web applications within a quick release environment.

Do you possess the following skill set?

Our technology stack includes Python, Pyramid / Pylons framework, MySQL or Postgres, and MongoDB. We’re looking for someone who has:

- Solid experience developing with Python. - A thorough understanding of the Object-Oriented paradigm and data structures. - Ideally some experience in Javascript/ Jquery, HTML and CSS. - Ideally previous experience in processing large datasets, from multiple sources, in several formats (XML, CSV etc). - Experience in Performance DB Tuning and Query Optimization will be beneficial. - Experience with a version control system.

We are looking for someone who can integrate with our team and who works well both independently and in a group, without daily management. You must have excellent communication skills (written and verbal) and work well under pressure.

Interested? Send me your CV at savio dot Fernandes at performancetelecom dot co dot uk

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