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I sort of disagree. The UI is clean but things aren't where you expect them to be and it makes it confusing. For instance, I didn't know where to put the subject when I was sending my first email -- it's huge but it's weirdly placed and unintuitive. I also couldn't find the Send button at first because it's on the Nav bar -- not where I expected.

I also agree with the post below re: branding. I went to "Help" to see what they had and it took me to a windows.com page saying "This page doesn't exist" followed by "Hotmail Help". Nice.

I noticed that about the subject. It doesn't stand out. I get the same feeling from the Mail app for Windows 8. About halfway through this article there is a screenshot of a message being composed. The subject there seems equally hidden.


I had the same problems with the subject field and send button but it didn't take long for me to figure out the solution. Oddly, it seems very intuitive once I've figured it out.

Kudos to the Outlook design team for the clean UI that doesn't take long to get used to and is intuitive once you are used to it.

Just wanted to say that you can use the ctrl+enter shortcut instead of pressing send, like in Outlook.

You can also tab between "to:", "subject" and "body" parts of the email by just using tab (tab twice when finished entering email addresses).

I much prefer using a keyboard than a mouse.

I switch between Outlook and Gmail and frequently find myself wondering why ctrl + enter doesn't work in Gmail.

+1 on the send button placement. Also when I clicked on the emotiocons, I was expecting a popup to open right below the icon. But the emoticons panel opened up in the left sidebar, totally hiding the to list.

But, I do like the Metro UI, though. Clean!

Yes, things aren't where you would expect, but it quickly grows on you. It sure did on me. Sent 5 emails already ( just to my accounts :) and liking the UI

I agree 'send' could be better placed but the subject line is pretty obvious and placed where I would expect it. The 'to' field seems badly placed to me.

The subject line is in a good position, but it doesn't look like an input field si I overlooked it first... Similarly, the content area doesn't look like a text area - slightly confusing.

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