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Oh wow. There's a discussion about an anonymity network being used for horrible stuff, and people say "I want to solve the problem and make a network that can't be used for horrible stuff"?

I want to stop people from doing horrific shit to other people in the first place. Unfortunately, I have no idea where to start...

I think you could make an argument for a 'war on paedos' (for example) being as useful as the war on drugs, crime, terror, or whatever.

The difference with this one is that you can conduct your 'business' entirely online, with almost complete anonymity. And what liberal solution is there that doesn't involve children or agitating the mob?

Technology is definitely the wrong thing to look at, I agree. I think, historically, it would be like blaming speakeasies for allowing people to drink illegal booze.

I think it's pretty easy to argue that. Child molesters cause way more suffering than the rest (well, depending on stats, but still), so I think that's a much better way to spend your resources.

With a sufficient technical background, you could work for the FBI helping to monitor, decrypt, and track these a-holes.

That... is actually a very good idea!

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