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I'm on macbook with nvidia 9400m, only works on Firefox. On Chrome (latest) and Safari, it doesn't show anything. I wonder why WebGL isn't working on these browsers.

These MacBooks have dual graphics chipsets don't they? So does the HP Envy I'm using now. Chrome has a built-in list of chipsets on which it disables WebGL. It detects the onboard Intel chipset as on that list and disables WebGL even though the ATI Radeon chipset I'm actually using at the moment would handle the site easily. I'm guessing it's the same situation on your MacBook.

You can probably manually flip a setting in about:flags to turn WebGL back on. I just switch to Firefox to check out the demos.

> These MacBooks have dual graphics chipsets don't they?

My 13" does not: 9400m is the sole GPU. I get the same blackness on Safari 6 despite WebGL being enabled. WebGL works otherwise [0], albeit it seems much slower than before.

[0] http://madebyevan.com/webgl-water/

You might have to enable WebGL in Chrome and Safari. They usually default WebGL to off for me when they update for me.

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