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So as a heavy Google Reader user (processing about 300 articles a day), can someone sum up the advantages to switching to NewsBlur? It's not entirely clear from this article or the NewsBlur site. Or perhaps its target audience is not me?

Yeah, I'd say you are definitely the target audience. NewsBlur does three things better than Google Reader:

- News reading: With first-class iOS, Android, and web apps, NewsBlur is an easy and organized way to read the news wherever you are. There is also an Original view that shows you the original website. You have to see it to believe it.

- Training: By using NewsBlur's training filters, you can hide stories you don't want to see while highlighting the stories you want to focus on.

- Social: Sharing and talking about the news is not only fun, but allows you to break out of your filter bubble and embrace the serendipity of your friend's tastes.

Also, NewsBlur's being actively developed, so that's a huge plus.

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