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Would it be okay to share some information on sales channels for desktop apps? Could certainly use some help there.

Hey, I'm really concentrating mostly on the App Store. In addition to that I did a StackSocial sale once (https://stacksocial.com/) and apart from that whenever a blog or any guy asks for promo codes for a competition / contest / event to host on his blog / site, etc, I always give them redeem codes so that people that get the app for free may hopefully share their love by telling friends. Also, once I gave away 120 licenses for a big instagram photo contest in NY. That gave the app a lot of traction since all the people that got the license were really good photographers who used Instagram a lot. So they in return told many friends and tweeted about InstaDesk, etc.

But that's really it. I do have a non-app store licensed branch of InstaDesk that would work with a license file system, but I'm only keeping that alive in case the App Store becomes too draconian. Just so that I always have a way out. Though that's becoming more difficult now with the iCloud integration.

Hope that helps a bit.

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