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well yeah you need ruby to run a ruby gem?

I had ruby - I was missing the ruby-dev header files.

My original complaint though is that people are using "gem install" as the sole documentation for installing a general purpose command-line tool. I'd rather not even know it's written in Ruby (I just want to install it and use it) - instead, I need deep Ruby knowledge just to get the thing running.

I hate that it's using gem for install, too.

If knowing how to type "yum install ruby-devel" qualifies as "deep Ruby knowledge", I must be some kind of god.

More importantly, apparently in this case you need the ruby dev package to install the relevant gem from source.

Smug reply implies that gems are only for people who develop in ruby.

Smug reply says that gems require things to work, and given that they're usually dependent on some version of ruby then the smug reply is usually right.

It's not generally obvious to non-developer end users that they will (sometimes) need to install the -dev package on their OS. Would be nice if it were. I'm mostly taking issue with the unfriendliness of the comment.

Gems ARE only for people who develop in ruby.

Did you happen to read the article? It has nothing to do with developing in ruby.

There is no article attached to this post. Just the homepage of a small piece of software targeted at developers who are familiar with installing gems.

If YOU read the content that was linked, you'd see there is a very long README targeted at people who aren't Ruby developers.

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