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If you're comfortable with SSH you could also just fire up an EC2 or Linode instance in UK, install a local proxy and tunnel traffic through it.

It's way more versatile than signing up for just VPN.

Excellent instructions for doing this on a mac with http://www.mikeash.com/ssh_socks.html

I am an Englishman sheltering from the Olympics in NYC (public transport in London was always going to be a mess) and even though I possess a UK TV license I had to tunnel through my machine at home to watch the opening ceremony.

It's a shame the BBC can't just sell a stream to people elsewhere in the world but the licenses under which they get the content will prevent it. Otherwise people could get content from the lowest bidder in the world, meaning commoditisation and a massive hit to the content owners who wouldn't get to sell the rights over and over again in different countries.

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