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Wow, while some of these questions are fair, others are not.

* All ISPs can do DPI on their customers broadband, some do it to greater extent than others

* Calling this "luxury broadband" is perhaps a stretch since the lowest tier offered is slightly faster than low-end DSL, while being priced similarly ( if you base it on the $25/mo for the first year)

* I'm sure if any of Google's competitors wanted to run fibre and make KC a central part of a major fibre launch event, they could have gotten similar subsidies;

* Yeah, lets bring up the wifi street view case just because it makes google look bad, and see if we can try to make it pertain to this article

As far as subsidies go, I have some sympathy as I'm not a huge fan of it (though I might go after stadium deals first, as IMO infrastructure is a better investment than sports teams). However, time and time again has shown that the easiest way to get higher speed broadband is to start a municipal FTTH project in your city. I don't know how many times (DSL, next gen DSL, DOCSIS 3, FioS) has been "1 year away" for multiple years in places I've lived. However, cities that get past the early stages of planning municipal fibre end up with the newest stuff PDQ.

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