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I remember the article you refer to (though I can't remember what the exact story was, actually). I was disappointed at the reaction when people found that it was a fictional story, but at the same time it wasn't really clear from the format that it was a fictional story.

Then again, a good fictional story grabs you and makes you believe in that world, blurring the line between fiction and reality... so it's not so easy to demarcate without being overly blunt. At the same time, I guess if you throw a couple of elves and trolls or equivalently obvious device in at the beginning everyone will know it's fiction :-) (one would hope...)

Interesting idea, btw - looking at the comments as a barometer of whether the format is working. At the same time, if the fiction is being used to convey "profound truths", it may well be that the comment threads end up going round in circle since agreement or disagreement is really neither here nor there...

Thank you very much for your input, much appreciated.

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