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I'd love to make our docs more clear on this. If you have a pointer to what is confusing we'll fix it up.

To be clear, for every machine type, we are offering a HT per virtual CPU. So that means that an n1-standard-8 instance gets 4 physical cores and 8 hyperthreads. (We are also offering 3.75GB of RAM and ~440G of ephemeral disk per vCPU).

I assume GCE is based on a space-shared design (1:1 pinned vCPUs); if that's not correct then this becomes harder. On https://developers.google.com/compute/docs/instances#overvie... I see the term "Virtual Cores", but I don't want to hear about virtual cores. I want to know how many physical cores are backing the VM. (I don't find the term "logical core" further down the page helpful either.)

So I would say:

n1-standard-1: 1/2 physical core

n1-standard-2: 1 physical core


n1-standard-8: 4 physical cores

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