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I'm the TL for Google Compute Engine.

This isn't the performance we expect here and we will be looking in to see what is going on.

Oh I'm sure it's not normal. Let us know if you find out what happened :)

How do people get beta access? I'd love to look at moving workloads over to GCE.

Sign up and let us know what you are looking to do. We are trickling out invites but being careful that we can deliver a great experience (support wise and otherwise) to everyone.

A google product with a great support experience? This I gotta see.

Like most things in life, you get better support when you pay for it.

Honestly I've always gotten good support for Google products, either from friends at Google or through forums, since they are popular enough to have lots of users. Of course, I remember when Google was basically the only hiring destination for top people in the valley (2001-2004 or so), and I only narrowly avoided going to google myself.

I suspect they will do a decent job of supporting GCE, either through a premium offering themselves, or through third party developers -- same thing AWS has done. I had some meetings with AWS application/security platform consultants recently, and they do a really good job of it, you just have to pay for it.

This isn't a good argument for consumer products (if a random grandmother gets locked out of her gmail, and doesn't know anyone, she may be doomed), but I suspect any developer building products on GCE either knows someone or can pay for support, or can bitch in a high visibility forum and get help from third parties or by Google.

bummer :) don't you guys run perf. test with your biggest competitor before launch?

They are in closed beta.

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