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Attitude? Your use of that word should set off alarm bells in your own head. I'm talking about a matter of fact, not a point of ideology.

I know people can work many more than 40 productive hours a week for years at a time because I did it myself during Viaweb. I know lots of YC founders who do as well.

I also know from my own experience that this ability varies between people. I can't work the hours now at 47 that I could at 30.

Why shouldn't ability to work vary among humans? Practically every other ability does.

I don't know. It seems you are confounding a couple of issues. First is the scope of the article. It seems more of a policy for good practices to adhere to in treating employees. Even if you are a marathon runner, it would not be in your self-interests to require long distance running as a job criteria. Secondly is motivation. The motivations of a founder are often counter to that of an employee. From the perspective of many employees, job satisfaction is much more desirable to a high reward outcome - irrespective of dedication, hard work, or talent.

While you know your experience, you don't have access to the alternative futures that might have resulted given different behavior. Which is why personal experiences and anecdotes do not substitute for actual causal analysis.

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