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One thing I've observed while working at a tech company and then in trying to start my own is that "crunch mode" can be a protective mechanism to carve out some uninterrupted time. So it's not that working a 12 hour day coding is more productive than working an 8 hour day coding, it's that the first 8 hours are taken up with non coding tasks like meetings, project planning, marketing, responding to emails, intros, etc and the only way to get any coding done is to stay late when no one else is expecting you to be around or on email.

If you find yourself working 12+ hour days ask yourself, how many hours a day do you really have your full well rested mind at your disposal during an uninterrupted period of time? If it's 4 or less, chances are you aren't getting any more important work done, and you are quite possibly getting less done because the hours you have to spend on the creative tasks are not with a fully rested brain.

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