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The staff at retail outlets don't work regular hours between Thanksgiving and Christmas, or your town's road department employees after a snowstorm, or the utility company crews following a hurricane. "Crunch time" as a programmer is kind of a joke. You sit in a chair some extra hours, mumble complaints about bad project management. and pat yourself on the back for your sacrifice.

Forums for tech self-select for ego stroking keyboard-warrior crunch time stories. Why would you see other industries complaining about crunch time bere?

I watched a facilities rep tell Big Payroll Vendor consultants that the 80 hour/week restriction had to be removed because crews work 100+ hour weeks to clean up the campus after storms. The consultants literally laughed in this guy's face and joked about how it would suck if someone actually had to work more than 80 hours in a week. Took a long awkward silence before they realized they had embarrassed themselves.

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