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This will be my takeaway tl;dr: "Crunch does not make the product ship sooner — it makes the product ready later. Crunch does not make the product better — it makes the product worse."

Far too many people in management don't get, or just choose to ignore, that.

I think I've already left a comment on a similar thread about leading a team through crunch with one of the devs still doing 6 hour days. Some more time has passed and I have to say even when the rest of the team are doing 8 hour days it still feels like there's a difference in focus, intuition and problem-solving.

Of course all that is highly subjective, but it made me think about how to measure the.. craftsmanship? Anyway, intuitively it feels like having a few more hours away from the office would give us some more time to subconciously process the problems and tasks at hand, and when we come back to work we're better prepared for it.

It can't be impossible to conduct some kind of test on this, can it?

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