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> It should be noted that what is needed for assembly line productivity is different than what is needed for complex cognitive tasks. The more demanding the cognitive task, the more important sleep and relaxation are. That is why in Steve McConnell's classic Rapid Development he advocates a 35 hour week.

In my personal experience this is 100% right. But the reason could be the level of pressure and the anxiety involved.

On manual jobs I can work more than 8 hours a day with a good productivity and without feeling tired. In software development I can't. Probably this depends on the pressure. If you are in a manual jobs with higher productivity pressure (like assemble <n> units a day where the average is less than that) will have a similar effect.

Also I find a difference between people who have an expertise in a more specific software development field (SQL databases) than on people who jump to different problems/languages/technologies in different computer fields all the time. You can maintain your productivity if you narrowed your areas of expertise.

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