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Ask HN: Anyone want to work through SICP together?
91 points by chrisconley on Jan 10, 2009 | hide | past | favorite | 58 comments
I've starting reading SICP but haven't been too good at keeping at it. Does anyone want to join in to help each other work through the exercises and stay on track?

Freenode channel ##hn-sicp has been setup for weekly meetups and/or ongoing discussion.

I also set up http://groups.google.com/group/hacker-news-reads-sicp for arranging discussion times and any other miscellaneous things if needed.

The Freenode channel has been changed to ##SICP

Isn't there some Web 2.0 app that organizes book clubs like this?

I have a couple books (signal processing, compilers, programmable logic) that I'd really like to work through with a couple people; what I really want to do is get together every other week or so over beers in Chicago, though.


Designed for exactly this kind of scenario, and recently launched.

I actually had the idea to make a site like this last night. bookbuddies.com or something like that. You could start an online book group with a few people and have your own forum, but also see the forums of other people who are reading the same book.

I'm pretty sure http://www.librarything.com fulfills this need though.

The closest site I know that does something similar is http://www.MeetUp.com

You can probably create a "Chicago Hacker Meetup" and start scheduling meetings.

weekly IM chats about material? If we can get at least 5 people I'm in.

That's a great idea. We could also set up a google group(or something similar) if people were interested.

How about an IRC channel on freenode too.

how does ##hn-sicp sound?

use chatterous.com -- it's great for small group chat.

Getting folks on an email list to announce the bat-time and bat-channel might be the way to go.

Otherwise, everyone will completely forget.

Anyone have a quick service that allows folks to create a very simple and small email list of folks?

If you use chatterous.com you'll get your own room that you can hook Email or IM into. You'll also get a one-click url that will bring you to web chat.

Yeah, this book has been at the top of my wish list for a while. I think it would be great to get 5 or so like minded people all starting near the beginning of the book. Simple irc room, and weekly chats about material would be great.

Yeah I would be interested. I've already started going through the lectures and some of the exercises, but it would be cool to work on them in groups.

I'm interested, too. I'm up to chapter two in the exercises, FWIW.

vokes dot s at gmail dot com

I'm in as well.

I'm in.

count me in.

I'm in.

Might I make a recommendation? Start with "The Little Schemer" and then graduate to "The Seasoned Schemer". Here: http://www.amazon.com/Little-Schemer-Daniel-P-Friedman/dp/02...

It takes you more step-by-step than SICP and once you get more practice with those books, SICP will be much more paletable.

Since many HN readers are in the CA Bay Area, would it make sense to add a bi-weekly or monthly physical meeting to this as well?

This sounds like a good way to keep motivated, having tried and failed to get through SICP on my own. Count me in.

I got through it in a sense. I attempted every problem of the first of the five sections, and solved most of them. Then I worked with a tutor who looked through the rest of it and decided to work on something closer to the state of the art. I wouldn't say what I learned was better than SICP, but it was interesting.

I've been going through SICP, albeit slower then I would hope so. I'm only into the initial sections and I would definitely be up for something like weekly IM chats at a scheduled time to discuss the book and help each other understand.

That would be great, so count me in if it happens.

I want to be in... but I've 5 other courses to deal with...

I too want to be in. Have been hanging around in chapter 2 for a very long time. But don't want to start on a new thing now. Have been working on many things lately and want to finish it off.

It looks like there is at least a few people interested. Should we all leave a comment with contact info (if it's not in your profile)?

My email is chris.m.conley at the goog.

Forget the email thing; we'll set up an irc channel :)

Count me in as well. I bought the book as a package deal from amzn with "The little Schemer" and haven't read much of it.

I'm certainly interested. I got bogged down in Chapter 2 last year. Time to go again, I suppose.

I'm also in! My copy is being shipped at the moment, though. Should arrive around 3th Februar :/

The texinfo SICP (http://www.neilvandyke.org/sicp-texi/) is good too, if you're working in Emacs.

I am, thanks!

I'm in as well, and my copy is being shipped too :) Ordered it a few days ago.

Excellent. I just started with SICP. So doing it together with HN folks sounds nice!

I'd like to be added to the mailing list ... tom /at/ karlo /dot/ org

I just finished chapter 1, but would love to join you guys.

I got SICP as a christmas present, I'm in.

Same here :) Book club is a go!

I'm in. rod at ennobleit dot com

i'm in. i'm on chapter 2 right now. i think irc meetings are a good way to go.

Sure, count me in.

+1 me too

Please add me too

Cool! I am in.

I'm SO in :D:D

add me please kunqian at live dot ca

Count me in

I'm in!


I'm in!


I am in.

I am in!

I'm in too

I'm in.

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