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Youtube has had many issues lately that should affect its popularity, from legitimate content disappearing because of some (non-)copyright holders having tools to "delete first, ask later", to issues with Google harrassing users to do things of no benefit to them. I am also getting "this video is currently not available" messages frequently because I don't have a browser with H.264 (which Google was supposed to drop in favour of free alternatives? Go convert uploaded video then...). Youtube has reached a dangerous annoyance level, seems like a good time for competitors to grow.

I surf using Chrome for the latest and most secure Flash. I like being up to date and secure. On YouTube Flash crashes in about 50% of trying to load the videos. Really annoying. And even more annoying is that if I disable Flash altogether there are quite a few videos on YouTube that can't be played.

I'm beginning to see the bundling of Flash as a negative thing, it only prolongs the life of that hell-hole called Flash.

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