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Isn't anyone else simply flabbergasted that the OP has never seen Blade Runner??

I'm not sure how being "too young" can be a valid excuse unless you are under 15 years old.

I read that as saying that OP had never seen the original version with narration. Personally, I've only seen the Director's Cut, never the one with the voice-over and them driving across the green landscapes.


EDIT: actually, I don't think it was the Director's Cut, since it had the extra "violent scenes" (and which are important IMHO). But it couldn't be the International Version since it didn't have the voice-over, nor the Final Cut since it was before 2007. I'm stumped.

It's a 30 year old movie.

Alien is nearly 35 years old.

There have been a bunch of movies made since then that OP may have thought he needed to watch - thus not having time to watch the actually good movies.

I'm about to watch both of these in the next month, so it'll be interesting to see the clunky bits. Visions of the future from the past are fascinating. (See also the Gibson story "The Gernsback Continuum".)

There are very few clunky bits in Alien or Blade Runner. It is amazing how well they hold up.

I dunno. I love Alien as much as the next guy, but there are a few times when you see the alien and think "that's just a thin person in an elaborate suit".

Interesting that's what you notice, and not the CRTs or the incandescent bulbs in switches.

I've seen what appears to be the Director's Cut, which is missing narration and a scene or two. My 'too young' comment was in reply to seeing the original version of Blade Runner in the theater.

Alright, here's your geek card back. Be more careful with it next time.

Given the topic of the post, OP should also watch Brazil.

If you haven't yet seen Blade Runner, I emphatically advise you to avoid the version with narration (theatrical release).

Why? I've actually avoided watching it simply because I can't decide which version to watch :)

The narration is not needed for the story, is jarring enough that it brings you out of the movie, and is done very poorly by Harrison Ford.

Guess what? I've never seen Blade Runner, and I enjoy flabbergasting people.

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