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I believe it is the history of the Mac. Mac users want good software and since the number of Mac developers is equal to the ratio of Mac:Windows users you had fewer choices so users were incentivized to pay developers, or else development dried up. On the other hand since there are so many Windows users and Windows developers it's a perpetual race to the bottom.

For example, you have no shortage of Windows text editors that are free. For the Mac your only real option is TextWrangler.


Both your examples are paid apps, the OP talks abou free text edtors for Mac.

Ah, OK. I need to read slower.

VIM ftw

Even though I think that VIM is the best text editor (please no Emacs vs VIM now) it is not a good editor for the casual user and doesn't blend into Mac OS X too well. Most of my coworkers in my old company didn't touch it with a ten foot pole - even though they were programmers. They used TextMate or Sublime or Coda. I tried to sell them on VIM but in the end the learning curve was too high and they settled for something where everything was easily reachable through menus.

So I think VIM is not a good example of a good free Mac text editor.

> So I think VIM is not a good example of a good free Mac text editor.

You should qualify that with the demographics at your previous company. VIM (and Emacs) are perfectly good free editors for the Mac or any other platform.

Although I do like Vim, and MacVim, I agree, it just doesn't fit the Mac persona and I personally use TextMate.

There's also Aquamacs for emacs fans.

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