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Certainly still an option. There's a long history of folks like that, the market for e.g. Mac apps was if anything helped by the launch of the Mac app store (some devs more than others, long story, ask them for the specifics). I could give you two dozen examples from my social circles but most of them would not appreciate the publicity.

That said: can I talk you out of it? I've done both, and from a business perspective doing it as a web app is a MUCH better option.


What is definitely dead are Java Swing apps. I believe desktop BCC was a Swing app. Swing app installation and updates are a major pain.

Native apps on an App Store dont suffer from these issues, and their ability to integrate with special OS features make them more compelling vs a web app. Not so with Swing.

Swing vs Native isn't the issue. The issue becomes users using old versions of your software and having to support them when bugs pop up, even though it may be fixed in the newer versions. It is hard to get everybody up to the latest version (even if the upgrades are free). It can eat up a lot of time doing support.

Whereas, when you make your app a web app, the changes you make are instant (for better or worse) and you don't have to worry about supporting various versions.

>It is hard to get everybody up to the latest version (even if the upgrades are free)

Automatic patching helps with this, although it requires a little more work designing a patching system (you might not want everyone hitting your servers at once), and it doesn't affect everyone (some people's computers are offline or require a proxy to be set up for patching.)

That is true, but even that has its caveats. Depending on who your target is, the user may be skeptical of a program "phoning home" on its own every so often.

And it's down, here's a cached link for everyone else: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:yjYTJSo...

Do you have any data on how well non-App store applications are doing? Specifically I am looking at the power-user/developer market.

link is wrong or something ...

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