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More red/yellow before, more blue/violet in recent history. Cool data set, but the question is "so what?".

Well, it's interesting to see that Teal and Orange filters are used just as prominently in promotional material as in the films themselves. It's a terrible trend and annoying as hell. See here for more:


Huh. I'm fairly color-blind, so I can't see the orange (or teal) tones that he's complaining about. However, I have noticed that more films lately seem to have more detail, and everything just "looks better" to me.

I've read that some amount of color-blindness is context sensitive (e.g. http://www.designmatrix.com/pl/cyberpl/cic.html); I bet that the increased contrast in these films is part of what's making them so much more visually appealing to me.

I was looking out for the Teal/Orange effect and was interested to see that it started in posters way back in the 80s already, 20 years before digital film color grading.

That's an interesting observation. I wonder if that's a more general kind of lag that can be found with other effects, with things becoming feasible in still design work some years before the analogous thing becomes feasible in film/video.

That was a very interesting link, thanks a lot.

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