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Is there any advantage to MELPA? Why publish to MELPA instead of marmalade or elpa proper?

MELPA co-maintainer here. MELPA builds packages from source, so once there's a recipe, there's no need for package developers to prepare or upload new package files -- the packages just appear automatically on MELPA soon after the source code is updated.

I've often wondered the same. You basically end up having to have all three in your init.el file, since there doesn't appear to be a good rhyme or reason are to which packages are contained in which repositories.

As I've said elsewhere, we will sort this out in the end. Right now MELPA tends to be the latest and greatest and marmalade is more stable (read 'less exciting') releases. It would be good to have this recognized per-package though so hopefully we will merge the strategies of both repositories into a single repository that can do any one of those things for any package configuration.

The guys who run MELPA and me (I run marmalade) are talking and we hope that there can be just one repo in the end. It may take us a while to combine the best parts of the 2 systems in the right way.

It appears there is less work for the publisher if they are using github.

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